Bella Golemi

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TiPstory (lol pun)

Second Year - Wake Forest T1 2015

Bella was known at WFU her second year for being sick all the time, most notably when she was struck by Tipbola, a highly contagious sickness that infected the camp that year. Because Bella is a sick ass binch, she was literally sent home from camp when she caught the plague. The ambulance came kicking down her door at like 1 AM apparently but the writer of this page sleeps like a rock and of course, did not notice. Rip Bella

Fourth Year - Duke East T1 2017

Her fourth year, BELLA WAS STILL AMBULANCE GIRL! But this time, she got her door busted down by the COPS (yea it was wild!) Everybody basically thought she was a druggie and had been caught with weed or alcohol or something equally as expellable. However, Bella's worried parents had just called 911 because she wouldn't answer her phone. Rip Bella.

Bella was part of the iconic fourth year gal pals squad, and basically the co-founder of the iconic fourth year guts group chat (By the way if you were a fourth year at East T1 in 2017 and want to join, DM @lizziee.wright on Instagram! You have to have iMessage:)) because she told the founder, Liz, that her idea for the group chat actually didn't suck. She was easily the Queen B (ha get it) of East her fourth year and she literally lit up the lives of all who met her. She was truly an icon. From her love of Texas and a certain Prince Charming who lived in that vicinity to her insanely extra cowgirl boots, Bella Golemi is one of the most iconic fourth years to ever grace Duke East.

Bella's Legacy

  • Led Hoedown Throwdown with Lizzie Wright
  • Won the Texas-off against the same Lizzie Wright (but still hates steak soooo)
  • Wrote a very special book
  • Was literally the less evil version of Blair Waldorf
  • Supreme trashwalking queen (except for at the dances, she snatched EVERYONE with her glo-ups for those)
  • Was THE ambulance girl

The Last Will & Testament of Bella Golemi

I, Isabella Golemi, of Texas state of mind and body hereby bequeath the following to: my roommate Caroline: my stress ball due to my messiness and general lack of organization. Katie A..; I leave my Southern Belle Trashwalker status, may you carry on my reign as queen of big tshirts and shorts. My dorm neighbor Tosca; I leave a box of Whole Foods cookies that will never fit under our door. Ani, I leave my cowboy boots because candyland is fake news. I leave my extraness to Hailey Batista, my partner in crime for spirit week. Trinity; I leave you a bottle of Pepto Bismol to cure your belching. To my RC Tori, I leave a toy ambulance so you may never forget the adventures of Ambulance Girl. Miranda; I leave an ice pack to cool down from dinnertime roasts, particularly those regarding the state of Texas. To Lizzie, I leave my Kylie Jenner lip kits because of our shared love for the fine art of cosmetology. Caroline C; I leave you a container of whipped cream because #whipped. To all of my children, I leave my phone number so you can always call upon your TiP mom.