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Benny is a TIPster from Buffalo, NY. He is notorious for his love of jewelery and his aspirations of being a rapper (and ribbing on Alegro). He was in a realtionTIP with the beautiful Marcayla Hester at East Term 2 2006. He performed at the Time Warp dance 2006. He is the mastermind behind the whole TIP family. He is the son of Mario (the 4th year) and singer Cassie. He has 3 illegitimate sons named Junior (by Beyonce), Pat (by J-lo), and Morgan (by Jessica Alba), and 2 daughters named Danielle and Camilla (both by anonymous celebrity mothers). He has his TIP siblings, 2 sisters (Arielle aka Lil' Sis, and $a$$) and 1 brother (Alina aka Lil Brother aka LemonGRASS), he has his uncle Vann and sisters-in-law (Marcayla's friends/RAG/Hall), one nephew (Canice), the Godfather of his children (Matt Nanes), and cousins (just about everyone else, with a few anonymous exceptions). He buried Alegro in a rap battle on the last night of term 2 '06( granted alegro barely knew how HOW to rap at the time so starting a rap battle w/ him was an easy win) and gave the "poor" boy heck everyday. He still attests that at first it was just tough love but then Alegro started talking waaaaaaaaay too much mess(Of course alegro was understandably angry with benny who wouldn't leave him alone). He became mad that the termbook showed a pic of HIS lean wit it rock wit it line that not only didn't show him, but showed Alegro instead, which to him seemed as if they were giving Alegro credit for his work (putting them in the same thought together is pretty much an inexcusable sin...oh and I'm still not forgiving Lil' Sis for saying that crap on the last night that Alegro should get the credit for starting the line when he can't even do it right(not true Alegro was killin it ).at least White Boy and me didn't look like a couple in the slideshow...u know what I mean lol)Benny is next years presiding black man and has started the process of ascending to the TIP Pantheon (along with Thomas, AC/DC, Thor, Nickname [just because he is], Ben [for using utensils as ties], Will, and all of the other TIP class of '07 GODS) where he will join the llama, the twins (triangles 4 ever), and JOHN BIRCH!! Oh, and as of late, he is in a long distance relationTIP with the lovely (and short) Renita. His debut album entitled Welcome 2 Buffalo iProxy-Connection: keep-alive Cache-Control: max-age=0

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