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Bethany is the Guidance Counselor at Duke West 2013. Many people thought her to be (and still do), nothing but an urban legend. People rarely saw her, but those who did say that she is awesome. She can often be found in her cave/lair (office in K hall) if she is not wandering around the amazing campus that is Duke West. She also has many cool toys in her office such as:

  • Play-Doh
  • A punching bag
  • Sudoku Cube
  • Foam Sticks
  • A DNA Tangler (Which was often given to Tipsters she was talking to when they were fiddling with their lanyards to give their hands something to do)
  • Several Pins
  • Etc.

She also helped a large amount of people towards the end of the term, but only had around 2 people talk to her for fun. One of them almost made her cry with their story. She was best known for a few things...

  • Being considered a tall tale, urban legend, myth, etc.
  • Being compared to bigfoot in mysteriousness by someone in Krish's RAG
    • Thus the saying, "I saw Bethany in K Quad just now!" "Where?!"
  • Helping various Tipsters with problems
  • Her awesome mustache nose ring made of bone
  • Getting the nose ring in and out of her nose
  • Being a huge supporter of LGBT+ kids/rights
  • Not being a goody-two shoes when she was younger (which we found out in Unsolicited Advice)
  • Appearing as scary when people go to talk to her for the first time, especially if the are called down there for an unknown reason, but turning out to be amazing after talking to her
  • Taking buttons from the Duke West "Center For LGBT Life"
  • Visiting classes randomly
  • Being an amazing person overall :)