Big Booty

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"Big Booty" was the name of Jay's RAG at TIP west Term 2. It consisted of Mert, Allen, Keegan, Anu, Arjo, Duncan, Evan, Anand, Oliver, Jacob, Brennan, Jakob, and Austin. The RAG is named "Big Booty" because of a game they played on the first day that had the same name. This name also became their very loud signature chant throughout camp.



  • won second at TIPsync
  • won second in Tipial Pursuit
  • were told to TURN THAT MUSIC DOWN
  • had the highest concentration of pedophiles
  • played golf
  • had many honorary members with the most notable being Lincoln, but including Olivia, Julia A, Ansley, Rylie, Alina and Maya
  • made a massive comeback to bring Green Team second place in Quadfest, defying low expectations
  • got in trouble for doing things, including but not limited to: using the word "thot" and creating a chair train
  • had a massive party the last night
  • were the most hype rag
  • were the rag everyone wanted to be in
  • were brothers and loved each other like family


  • "Is a group of buses called buses or busi?"
  • "Who listens to EDM?"
  • "im a lil wet"
  • "im a tad moist"
  • "im quite watered"
  • "im a bit liquid"
  • "hey man"
  • "I've been bamboozled"
  • "you fucked a child"
  • "why did you have her shirt"
  • "die thot"
  • "death to thots"
  • "I can't recall"
  • "What's your Dubai snap?"
  • "Send elbow pics"
  • "I like the bread"
  • "begone thot" <------- {shut up we were the ones who spray painted it}
  • "not the face lips"


  • Brennan (pedophile) and Ansley
  • Anand (still kinda a pedophile but no one said anything) and Julia
  • Mert and Olivia
  • Evan and Rylie
  • Lincoln and Jay's RAG
  • Sunny and Suarez
  • Allen and Lincoln(Lincoln despised Allen for whatever reason)