Big Brother is Watching: Dystopian Literature in the Twentieth Century

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Big Brother is Watching: Dystopian Literature in the Twentieth Century
Offered  ?
Campus(es) East
Instructor(s) Robert Martinez
TA(s) Rebecca

Course Summary : Students in this course will learn about the Dystopian model of fiction in general - its tendency toward examining problems in society - and will question why writers create such alternative models of the world. We will foucus on three well-known novels of the Dystopia, Ray Bradbury's "Fahrenheit 451" , George Orwell's "1984", and the novel "Eureka Street", by R.M. Wilson, examining how the use of various literary techniques helps us understand identity, self- developement, and societal problems. We will consider the cultural and historical conditions that shaped these works, and then turn our attention to the film versions of each novel, comparing and critiquing the movement of each story from novel o film. Finally, students will consider what implications these have for the world we inhabit. Daily class sessions will involve reflective writing, critical reading, analytical discussion, library research, and presentations, creative writing, and film analysis. Writing Intensive.

Course Instructor : Professor Robert Martinez TA: Rebecca

Class Jokes: "My elbow hurts..." "What the Dave?"

Edit: There was a prank war between Big Brother and Abnormal Psychology. Big Brother pranks included: Randomly coming into the AbPsych classroom, attempting to hold signs up to the windows (which they were unable to find), trying to make fun of Dave, and giving a fruit basket (we were confused about that one too). AbPsych's pranks included: randomly going into the Big Brother classroom, leaving produce with the message "AbPsych produces results", and making fun of Big Brother for not being able to fidn our windows. Our pranks made sense. AbPsych won, hands down.

Lies! Actually, Big Brother mocked the class's obsession with Dave, their instructor, with a sense of flair and style that TIP has never seen before, and never will see again. AbPsych retaliated by leaving onions & peppers in Big Brother's seats. Big Brother did what any intelligent TIPster would do: they gathered up the fruit, put it in a box, and trotted off to deliver it to Dave. But they did not leave the class before Kate could place the word "NO" between "PRODUCES" and "RESULTS". It is up to you to decide who really won the Great AbPysch VS Big Brother Prank War of 2006.