Big Juicy

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An alias created for Aneesh of WF T2 Business Strategy 2017. During a class, Aneesh suggested that the instructor call him "Big Juicy." This didn't go over well with the instructor, but some of his classmates thought it was funny enough to continue on after class. They eventually started guarding "Big Juicy" with earbuds and sunglasses, calling him "President Juicy" and recruiting a young child to be "Little Juicy." It led to the constant annoyance of many, and their cult was mostly scorned and ignored. The next year he went to Georgia Tech T1. He was the creator of the OG Blessed Boys which included Supreme Patty, Nick, Savannah, and Amy. Big Juicy used all of his lotion and needed more, so he continuously asked people for lotion. Who knows what he was doing with the lotion.