Bio of Cancer

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The second term Bio of Cancer class was held at Duke West in '09. Our instructor was Chad Gorbatkin, who was known for his buffness. Even a librarian once asked our class, "Is your instructor the really buff dude?". All of the guys in our class were obsessed with Chad. Our TA was Andrew, who was awesome, and we also had Mandy. She was with us because she was studying what you have to do to teach "gifted" children.

This class included Rijul, Rob, Daniel, the Baus (aka Dan), Greg, Younji, Chi, Chelsey, Matt, Divea, Ben, Benton, Stephanie, Kate, and Megan. Needless to say, with this group of people, we were by far the best class.

On Cross dress day, we were originally in the classroom but then went to the lab to go give sunflowers cancer. When we were getting ready to leave, Benton suddenly said, "Wait!! I've got to put my bra on!"