Biological and Chemical Sciences

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Trinity Term II 2016 (aka the best there ever was) (Waaayyyyy better than Term l) (We're also better than modern med)

  • Alan
  • Tiger (Tigger)
  • James- keeps 6 doctors away everyday
  • Paul- you know. Paulitics Paul
  • Imaad
  • Kaylee
  • Jennifer
  • Analise
  • Alex
  • Elaina- most likely to die in a lab accident
  • Hanming
  • Sarah (Sam) - "Potato" and likes to say kitty tiddys
  • Robby- has extremely soft hair
  • Alexa
  • Kathryn
  • Nate- Pshhh Nate
  • TA: Lauren
  • Instructor: Mr. Olsen

BioChem's rules

  • No Bitey the teacher
  • No stabby the students
  • No drinky the ecoli
  • No eaty the chemicals
  • No doey the arsoning
  • No touchy the elictronical equipment
  • No violence unless there is a soviet union spy