Biological and Chemical Sciences (Davidson)

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Term 2 (2018. Be specific. Yes I know I'm not in Biochem)


  • OFF THE GRASS!!!!!
  • "Someone's at the door" "That's your lab partner"
  • No one knowing Jasmine's name^^
  • Is that heart thing like the heart?
  • Mrs. Tracy most likely to climb a volcano cuz she's bad ass
  • Going into evening study soaking wet and spending the whole hour drying our shoes
  • What are glue balls?
  • Mason calls Sophia a thot man on the street says she aint
  • Dorito aka Zoey
  • B. Cereus this is important!
  • Thiccums is not TIPpropriate
  • "I hate children"- Mrs. Tracy
  • Shipping Kate with Walker
  • Shipping Kate with Alex
  • Shipping Kate with Will
  • Shipping Kate with Rashad
  • "I dislike everyone equally"- Mrs. Tracy
  • Who is excited for more Vail food??!!!!!
  • When the air broke and everyone used their aprons and blankets
  • When the air was still broken and Jasmine and Zoey brought their actual blankets to class
  • Nathan casually sleeping in the grass at break
  • Jacob being sick for 2 weeks!!!