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Blade Kalikow

At "5'4.5" (according to Blade himself), Blade Kalikow stays finessing ALL the ladies of Duke TIP. The method to his madness is that he adds half an inch to his height each time we ask. Mr. Kalikow is the soccer mom of the Duke West 2019 Forensic Anthropology class; he carries Benadryl cream, a Tide to go pen, mints, gum, and an abundance colorful of pens. But, most importantly, HIS BROTHER GOES TO DUKE, DON'T YOU FORGET!!!! This Floridian loves men, spongebob popsicles, talking, and overusing the word "powned".

Blade Quotes:

  • "I'm 5'4.5, I swear"
  • "My brother goes to Duke!"
  • "epic gamer moment"

  • 2nd Year: Due West, Environmental Toxicology
  • 3rd Year: Rice, Microeconomics
  • 4th Year: Duke West, Forensic Anthropology