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Blue 1 was a cult/club created by Miceala Morano and the Words That Matter class at East Term 1 2019. The entire disaster that is this cult began when she began obsessively eating the popsicles that could be found in the cafeteria and her classmates noticed that the popsicles contained a dye known as Blue 1. After further research, the class discovered that Blue 1, if consumed in large doses, has multiple health risks, such as...

  • blue-tinged skin and bodily fluids
  • hypotension
    • also known as low blood pressure
  • death!

Even after discovering the risks of eating the popsicles (also known as Firecrackers and Cyclones), Miceala, being the Big Dummy that she is, continued to consume the popsicles every single day at lunch and dinner, and encouraged others to do the same. As a reward for their bravery for eating the popsicles and putting their lives on the line, all others who followed in her path were inducted into the Blue 1 Cult (alternatively known as the Blue 1 Club).

Members of Blue 1

  • Miceala Morano
  • The Entire Words that Matter class, voluntarily or involuntarily
    • Ms. S, TA Casey, Ainsley, Sara, Shreya, Ricardo, Talula, Sarah, Olivia, Alex H., Alex F, Zaramagi, Brooke, Danielle, Meredith, Jonathan, Andy, and Olivia.
    • We had buttons that said Blue 1, as a sign of our loyalty.
  • Evie Shapiro
  • RC Camryn (shh, don't tell her it's not just a club!)

A Message From The Founder

I did NOT mean to start a cult, but here we are. Life takes us down unexpected paths. Life feeds us poisons such as Blue 1. If you happen to find this page and would like to be part of Blue 1, just find me next year at East (I'll be wearing an orange lanyard and having a crisis, but don't let that intimidate you.) Even if you would rather not be part of a cult during your TiP experience, please come find me so that we can be friends!