Blue nail polish epidemic

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The Blue Nail Polish Epidemic was started in 2016, at Davidson College, by the infamous wily shakes, for use with homeslice nation.

Homeslice nation was responsible for quite a few things, including but not limited to, making out in a closet, sliding through the halls on mattreses, being thought of having gay intercourse (Kevin the pole dancer was involved)( NO HOMO THO).

Notable Fact: number of said nail polish is 679

Also noteworthy: said nail polish is gel, and no one has remover (Alex A #alexsquared was responsible for painting the guys' nails in exchange for food/$1- she had nail polish remover but wouldn't let any of the guys have it until the very last day)

  1. stilltryingtobringbackcrossdressing

Lilac febreze will be the death of us all.