Bobby Magee

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Bobby Magee
Campus(es) TAMU, Rice
Attended 2013-2015
Course(s) The Brain Creativity and Knowledge, Modern Med, Inspired Writer
RAG(s) Steven, Austin
Roommate(s) {{{roommate}}}
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Some say he is a myth. Others say he is a metaphor for all things purrito. All we know is his name is Bobby Magee.

Bobby first ventured into the realm of Duke Tip in July 2013 as a first year second year. As he graced the Maroon colored city of College Station, throngs of eager devotees flocked to his boundless glory, beseeching him to bestow upon them even the slightest hint of his grandeur. There and then his Tip experience blossomed forth.

Bobby is known for many things. At TAMU, he was known as an under-sophisticated 2nd year who incessantly craved and stipulated the attention and adoration of his various associates. Despite the aforementioned detrimental character trait, Bobby expeditiously procured a vast following of subservient comrades due to his staggering good looks and his mind-boggling bodacious "personality." He rapidly ascended the ranks, becoming the undeniably most celebrated Tipster the institution had thus far encountered. Yet fate reared its ugly head, and Duke Tip 2013 concluded, with Bobby Magee dissipating into obscurity once more.

Yet this respite did not continue eternally. Bobby recrudesced to Tip, not at TAMU, but at the illustrious institution of Rice University. At said location Bobby commenced his endeavor of regaining his ever-so-loyal following as to elevate himself to a popularity level so monumental and elephantine in nature that he would metamorphose into the most highly regarded and idolized 3rd year in the history of Duke Tip. The task would prove laborious and taxing due to Bobby's insignificant comrades desperately jockeying for such an esteemed position, yet none of them dared rise up against the unforgiving wrath of Bobby Magee.

The day arrived. Bobby Magee, Champ Warren, Alex Moore, and Garrett Seeger, among other individuals who are insignificant to the plot, disembarked from Brown Hall to the supposedly illustrious and esteemed locale of Rice Village. While the conglomerate of negligible infidels engaged in their typical tomfoolery, this aforementioned quartet of quintessential individuals, after perusing various establishments yet encountering nothing striking their fancies, converged at the enterprise known as "Urban Outfitters." While perusing the multitudinous selections of upper garb, Bobby unearthed a chemise of bountiful importance that would prove to dictate the destiny of all those in his presence. From that very juncture said raiment was christened by Bobby as "The Purrito Shirt." But lo, Bobby did not possess the necessary funds to execute the purchase. Due to his compassion for his counterpart, the totally freakin amazing Champ terminated the plight and agreed to finance the acquisition. From henceforth Bobby was filled with an extraordinary aura of swag that captured the hearts and minds of all Tipsters for the weeks to come