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Boohbah (aka King Boohbah) appears to be the obsession of the Davidson tipsters. People either hate him or love him. He was brought to Davidson 2013 term 1 in the form of a mystery prize from Summerfest. Everyone in Jennifer's rag (the receptors of the Boohbah) had nightmares about him, but everyone else adored him. Sometime between term 1 and term 2, Boohbah lost the ability to dance. He is still able to sing his creepy/cute songs, to my knowledge, though. In term II the halls were littered with hail Boohbah posters and there was even a Boohbah activity where tipsters watched Boohbah and colored pictures of Boohbah. At some point there was a petition going around to make Boohbah an official RC, and even some staff members willingly signed it. All hail King Boohbah. In the third week of TIP, another Boohbah doll was introduced, this one being orange, unlike the original pink Boohbah. The new Boohbah was named Queen Boohbania and was featured heavily at the third week dance and in the end-of-term slideshow. All hail king Boohbah and Queen Boohbania! May their reign of dance never end!

In 2014, at the Davidson campus, RC Jennifer's group carried a small Boohbah everywhere they went. This phenomenon apparently also went on in 2013 in the same RC group as well.