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Though there were many relationTIPS known throughout the halls of TAMU, none was (or ever will be) as legendary as "Bradstavo". Alone the boys could both be deemed as "finnnnee" and even "hella sexy", but together their attractiveness levels moved to a new level. (Many claim this after seeing the couple wall twerking.) The infamous couple consisted of the almighty figure head Brad$wag (later deemed B-Rad) who returned to his home at TAMU after being lost at UGA for one year. The better half (some claimed) was the fierce Gustavo who returned for his second year at TAMU. After missing each other the first two years, destiny could not stop the immediate bond and love between the boys. Their love was more than a relationTIP, but deemed as a true relationship that would last the ages. They made their first public display as "the power couple" on the second Monday of the term (also known as Lumberjack Day). Since both boys were in Modern Medicine, they never had to be separated for long and their feelings grew (along with their fan base). They twined the entire week by pushing the line between cross dressing and fabulous. As the second dance came around, a royal proclamation was spread that all girls were Bradstavo's dates for the dance. (This pleased all females, for who doesn't want a piece Bradstavo?#butactually) Their love and dedication can not be matched between any relationTIPS or even relationships at TAMU (though a very close second was that of Queens Brittany and Metzger aka. Britzger). The most important thing that Bradstavo gave to the community of Tipsters was the lesson of love, leadership, and appreciation for male twerking. Thank you Bradstavo. Thank you.