Britney's Bodacious Babes

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Britney's Bodacious Babes

Background Information

This is the RC group I was in my second year of TIP.

Campus: ASU

Term: 2

Year: 2010

RC: Britney Chambers (7th floor, yeah!)

Members: Addison Aubry, Janna Bailey, Briana Hutcherson, Katherine Kingma, Taryn Nobil, Carly Boobar, Alexis Woodhouse, Courtney Sowers, Luna Waldrop, Caitlyn Bender, Alex Emilien, and me, Megan Benton.


We usually ate in the back of the cafeteria, next to the windows. On Britney's day off, we stayed with Dana. When we had to count off to make sure all members were accounted for, we counted in Japanese. For our RC group nights we went to Macados, the movies to see Despicable Me, and shopping on King Street. The first RC group meeting we had, we made a pact to be BEST friends. Not surprisingly, it worked.

RC Members

The roomate groupings were Addison & Briana, Carly & I, Taryn & Katherine, Alexis & Alex, Janna & Luna, and Courtney & Caitlyn. Katherine Kingma was voted most likely to have her own talk show. She was very talkative (VERY) and always hyper. Taryn Nobil was voted most likely to be model. She was absolutely gorgeous and friends with everyone. Carly Boobar (the best roomate ever) was voted most likely to be an Olympic soccer star. She was dedicated to soccer and motivated everyone. She was also a blast to live with. Alexis Woodhouse was voted most likely to be a choreographer. She directed almost our entire lip sync in which we danced to Smooth Criminals by Michael Jackson. Janna Bailey was voted to be an actress. She was quite a character with a sunny personality. Addison Aubry was voted to become a pro hula dancer. She dances like no one you'll ever see. She also has a stunning personality. Courtney Sowers was voted most likely to boycott Harry Potter. She was so funny and a great person. Luna Waldrop was voted most likely to run for president. She is one of the most interesting people ever. She always cries when she laughs and is absolutely beautiful inside and out. Briana Hutcherson- most likely to win the WNBA Champ. She was tall and athletic but was kind and always fun. Caitlyn Bender- most likely to become a caligrapher. really neat hand writing. She wrote the nicest notes for everyone. Alex Emilien was voted to be the world's next great writer. She was hard to get to know at first but in the end she was a really great friend and had a great talent and way with words.And I, Megan Benton, was voted most likely to run the most profitable To Write Love On Her Arms campaign.

RC Britney

Britney was an amazing RC. She was infamous for wearing a colorful red, yellow, and green hat. She has a very bubbly personality, and is very easy to talk to. She was very generous by letting Bryan Vo, another RC, borrow her dress for Cross- Dressing day. She is also know for sneaking sandwiches from the cafeteria for later midnight snacks. She has a twin sister, Whitney, who she talked about often, and she got along with everyone. Before being an RC she was a TA at Davidson. Her Term 1 RC group was called Brit's Bubbilicious Babes and Term 2 (my term) was of course Bodacious Babes.

This was a great RC Group/ family. Britney was a brilliant RC. It was so memorable and an amazing experience.

Megan BodaciousBabe 04:15, 12 September 2010 (UTC)Megan