Britt barrientos

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Known for being a beautiful Guatemalan who looks and dances like Shakira(this is where she got her nickname). Her hips really don't lie on the dance floor, as she can be seen moving from one dance group to the next. Brittney Barrientos is a gorgeous individual that was looked up at as a leader. She went to KU Term 2 her first year, TAMU Term 2 her second and third and fourth year, along side her best friend and llama mama, Abigail Ward. Britt inspired many and is overall a great friend to anyone she meets. She's a social wildcat, and loves talking to new people. She can usually be seen on the third floor with her roomie, Haley Tam, or with her other friends along side the mystery gang. She was in a relationTiP with Ryan Stevens TAMU term II 2011.

Her fourth year she was part of Danielle's Damsels in Distress, also known as, Kim's Possibles. Brittney's RC group won 1st place in Scavenger Hunt, as well as, AggFest with their fellow blue team. She was also in the Brain, Intellingence & Creativity. (yes, this class was better than NeuroPschyc) She would take naps in class, yet be very attentive when it came to discussions. Brittney went to the last dance with 2nd year Sam Wright. But, it was never clear if they were boothangs or not. On the last night, she slept in the hallway floor with other fourth year girls and somehow managed not to get in trouble. You could see Brittney each night singing musical songs in the hallway with RC Brandon, or hallway swimming with other TiPsters. Brittey is also known for volunteering for the Crest Challenge. Her and Jasmine Hawkins were supposed to split it, but unfortunetly she attended UGA. Therefore, Brittney drank it all in honor of Jasmine and the rest of her fellow fourth years.

After having been a 4th year 4th year, Brittney returned to work for Duke TiP as an RC. Her first year she worked at Rice 2016 being the RC for Brittney's Spears (3rd year girls) and then to Britt's Shark Bait (2nd year girls). The following year, Rice was switched to LSU and she moved to work for LSU 2017 being a 4th year BOYS RC to Britt's Brats. This was the best RC group she's had so far and even had some favorites.