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Broccoli is a song by Big Baby D.R.A.M feat Lil Yachty. It was released in April of 2016 and as of right now has over 32 million views on YouTube. It is a true summer anthem and no doubt listened to all across the TIP community this summer.


Broccoli was the biggest hit at The 2nd term Rice 2016 group by a long shot. The TIPsters there all learned the lyrics to it in no time flat and were soon singing it in the hallways, in class, during meals, you name it! The song was played at two dances (the first dance was a bust because it was 90's themed) and was one of the pump up songs used as motivation to beat the staff in the Ultimate frisbee game.

Pump up Squad

Starting in the first week, the "Pump up Squad" (Erick, Liam, Braden, the Zanes, Caden, Neal, and usually Surfer Dude) would bring a speaker into the bathroom and blare music until 10:30 (or until Thomas the RC yelled at them to go to bed) after their 10:00 meetings were over. Broccoli was a featured song that they ALWAYS played.

Other Experiences

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