Brody Dog

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This story was told by Aniketh at Quadfest 2015, Duke East. It tells the story of Asian tipster Brody and his Chinese journey. It is as follows:

"Ok, so turn off eyes. Ok risten to me story! So there was once a dog, the dog name Brody. Dog Brody walk down the forest. Dog Brody turn left he go in river- OOO OOO close yo eyeeeees!!! You shut up! *spots dog in the distance* THAS THE DOG BRODY! HI BRODY! FUK U BIC! I EAT YO DOG! LISTEN TO ME BITCH! I EAT YO DOG! (go on go on) ok so Brody dog go in river. Small fish in water. Fish bite Brody dog dick. Brody eat dog. Brody is dog he eat the fish. Brody get out of water. Brody gets towel. He dry off like dog. Dog Brody. *man drives by on bike* HERRO! NICE BIKE! NICE- i'm sorry. Ok. Now Brody dog keep walking in forest. Then-then the black man come, he said 'do you know the dog Brody?' he said 'NOOOOOOO!'. He said 'are you sure?' he said 'DON'T EVEN SAY NOTHIN TO ME BOYYYYY! YOU LOOK LIKE THE MUH FUCKING UHHHHHH!' He said 'you panda bear.' He said 'the panda bear China!' And then Brody dog keep walking. He said- and then he come by the lion the lion said ' where are you going BRODYYY?' he said ' I go to China to eat the dog!' He said 'you are a dog Brody' he said 'NOOO.' He said 'my name is dog.' He said 'I eat the dog.' Ok, so Brody comes to the tree he climbs the tree like dog. The dog climb the tree and fall off the tree. The dog climb the tree. Then the dog find bandaid. He put bandaid on, to save the cat. The dog keep climbing the tree for five hour. Then six hour later he top of tree. Dog suck the tree dick. Dog find rittle ant. The rittle ant say 'what is your name dooooooog?' He say 'my name Brooooooody.' He said 'fuck u bic ant I eat you bitch!' He said 'do not eat me! I fuck yo mother!' He said 'NOOOOOO! I eat you like dog!' Cuz Brody eat dog. Ok Brody dog. Brody keep walking he see man name Brody. Brody meet Brody he say 'hi what is your name?' He say 'my name Brody.' He say 'dog what is your name?' He say 'my name Brody.' Then he stab the dog five time. He give the dog to his wife name Brody. Brody wife... BRODY KILL BRODY DOG! Then wife name Brody cook dog for dinner. Feed to all of China. Everybody eat Brody dog; everybody name Brody. End of story. Bitch."