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On the last Wednesday (7/28/10) of TIP East Term 2 2010, the Llama was kidnapped, right before her flying. The 2nd Years of Alspaugh felt that the Llama should be for all Tipsters, not just the 4th Years, (despite the fact that the Llama has /always/ been for all tipsters...) so they decided to steal the Llama (Code Name: T-Shirt), co-conspired by Jakob With a K and (Elizabeth) Lizzie T. During lunch, at about 12:30 or so, Lizzie T lured Alli outside to take a picture with the Llama in front of the Duke statue. Stephan was a distraction; he pretended to steal the Llama, but that was the "stealing" Alli thought would happen. While taking the pic, Lizzie T tossed the Llama to Bryan. An unidentifiable 4th Year decided to hold on to Bryan, but as planned, the blockers, Jon, Colin, and Chandler, pulled the 4th Year off of Bryan. Bryan ran into Alspaugh (where John the RC AKA Lil Tasty was) where Sofia held open the door, and Kathryn waited in her room to hide the Llama. Bryan decided to go to his room to hide the Llama instead of Kathryn's. This plan was very successful, but one RC and 2 TAs (who will remain un-named) threatened to expel all who were involved in the Llama stealing (which they could not do, but the Tipsters did not know that until after). The Tipsters were forced to return the Llama ten minutes later. The 2nd Years were infuriated, because they stole the Llama fair and square (EDIT: that may be the most ironic thing I've ever heard..), and they had the approval of many of the RCs, but of course none of the tipsters'. This kidnapping led to the 'NEW' 2nd Year tradition of the FAB Sash and the Pimp/Bro Stick Bropack, given to by Lil Tasty. Both traditions soon thankfully died.

Tipsters Actually Involved (All Were 2nd Years - with the exception of Lil Tasty):

  • Elizabeth (Lizzie T)
  • Jakob With A K
  • Bryan
  • Sofia
  • Kathryn
  • Chandler
  • Colin
  • Jon
  • Stephan


The Bropack is a group of Supreme 2nd Year Bros from Duke East 2010 Term 2, the RAG of Yetunde Tericia Soyumbo (Brocahontas). The Bropack was founded by Josef "Brosus Brosef" Isaza and John "Brohan Sebastion Brah" Sipp. Lil Tasty (AKA John the RC) created this "tradition" because of the incident where the Llama was stolen(most of the Bros were not involved in stealing the Llama, although many Bros were), and the Bros forged a BroStick (which used to be called the Pimp Stick) on the Thursday of the last week. This Bro stick is to be passed down from a 3rd year to a 2nd year the same time the FAB Sash is passed down. The Brostick is currently in the possession of Stephan Snyder, because Bryan Fisher (who stole the Llama, not part of the Bropack) was flying home. The shaft of the Brostick is hardwood, while the crown is a plastic figurine reading "Pimp."


The 10 Bromandments will be posted soon, but the most important is #6 (Don't fuck with Robert AKA Big Tasty). These Bromandments were signed by the original Bros at the end of the 2010 2nd Term. Any boy wishing to be a Bro must have the consent of 3 Bros including an Original Bro and can be knighted by the Brostick.

FAB Sash

Both the FAB Sash and the Pimp/Bro Stick are interdependent on each other.