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                                                                                                                                          "The Bucket List"


It began at UGA Term 2 2010 between two guys and two girls. The Rules: The guys do one list the girls do another. The lists, composed within the pairs, must be completed by the end of the three weeks. The opposite side may know the list exists, but not the particular contents. The lists can be given to lower years as a sacred element of these TIPster's legacy. The lists improve over time
Add your own Epic ( and not so epic) Stories and Lists Below (do not share if you have not done them).
Note the original four were Willie Barbuto, Rob Dirr, Leta Branham, and Sarah "Curly" Claypoole.

1: Putting Condoms on shower heads.
2: Steal Mark's Gold Fish.
3: Picture with cheerleaders and coach
4. Kiss Juan on the cheek.<---Does that even count?
5. Give a boy a condom.
6. Enter a sing-off with a fourth year boy.
7. Partying.
8. Slip someone laxatives
9. Steal a pair of boxers
10. Create badass reputations for ourselves