Bunny Bunny

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Bunny Bunny is one of the most annoying/fun games ever known to TiPkind. It was introduced in to West 2 2008 in an evening activity called comedy/improv led by RC Scott. It became a favorite of many, especially the who were known to play it on Main Quad after meals. It annoyed many. Incredibly popular at Duke West Term II 2009, although some viewed it as a ritual chant for human sacrifice.


  1. Everyone stands in a circle.
  2. One person begins by shouting, "Who's got the bunny?".
  3. Everyone else yells back "You've got the bunny!".
  4. The first person then says, "Bunny, bunny" (while pointing to themselves), then again (pointing to someone else).
  5. The person who was directed to then repeats the saying, while whoever is on either side of them shouts "Om shaka" while overall being a distraction (jumping, waving their hands, etc). This rarely works, but looks amusing and is how a lot of people get out (forgetting to distract the person beside them).