Button of Bora's Blessing

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Named after Bora Gunay, an RC during UGA Term 1 2015 and former TiPster, it contains a picture of Bora on it. The button holds the blessings of his Shire and RAG. Those who carry the Button of Bora's Blessing are destined to have an amazing term and are tasked with passing down the legends of Bora.

Originally worn by all the staff during UGA Term 1 2015, one button fell into the hands of Eric Perless, a 4th year TiPster. After getting the blessings from Bora, his RC in fact, he passed it down to Zach Amerson to carry on the legends of Bora and traditions of The Shire.

Past and Current Holders

Eric Perless (2015)

Zachary Amerson (2016)