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CTY (or Center for Talented Youth) is a program created by Johns Hopkins University, very similar to TiP. Strangely similar, in fact. Certain things between the camps are heavily disputed, such as who started the American Pie tradition, which occurs at both campuses. At TiP, American Pie is the most important song, and at CTY, American Pie is the "highest song in the Canon".

Hey! I've gone to both CTY and TiP and both were extremely awesome. CTY has many more traditions(for example, Blammo, raving, Passionfruit, Acting Improv), and more dances(and more traditional songs), but I didn't enjoy my class half as much as I did at TiP. I felt like I bonded more with my friends at TiP than at CTY and definitely learned more too. In general, CTY has more activities and traditions yet I still enjoyed TiP more.

You can find their community-run wiki here: [1]

They even have a page about us! [2]