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Located across the street from Ben & Jerry's at the Davidson campus. Anything imaginable is sold there - from birthday cards to books to hair dye. The end goal of a visit to CVS is to load up on junk food so that eating anything from the cafeteria would be unnecessary.

In 2009, the girls of Emily's RC group went to CVS in order to pick out makeup for the male star (James) of their "Lip Gloss" by Lil Mama TiPsync. They chose luscious sparkly Wet 'N Wild lipgloss (which was so delectable one girl of the RC group decided to buy her own!) and purple eye makeup. Bows meant for bratty four year old girls were also purchased to adorn his locks.

Hair dye was quite popular although not allowed in certain RC groups, such as Mama Liz's of Akers, Term II 2004.

RCs check purchases. Cosmo and Maxim magazines are forbidden. Students have been known to ask their friends to distract RCs while they smuggled contraband (immense cases of Monster) to the cash register. Note: I am not sure about the contraband status of Monster; it was contraband when I was at Davidson '08. This may have changed. But it was weird anyway that it was contraband because students could purchase Rokstarr in the basement vending machines anyway, as well as those Starbucks Double Shot drinks. Anyway, buy energy drinks at your own risk...I said anyway three times...zut.

The hair dye resulted in many interesting incidents in the bathroom and many stained sinks. In 2008, term II, one camper, Elise, dyed her hair three times in three days.

Term 2 2012: I only went to CVS once, the first Monday for RC group night, and we only had about 10 minutes to shop.

Term 1 2017: Two TiPsters spilt a box of red hairdye and died the bottom half of their hair red.