Caleb and Macey

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Wasn’t a couple but Macey liked Caleb and everyone thought he liked her but no one knew for sure. They met the first day of term 1 2018 at Davidson during pointless debates, one of the topics during pointless debates was is the Earth flat, which is why they kept talking after that because they kept debating back and forth about it even though she knew he was joking about saying the Earth is flat. Macey wrote many papers of reasons why the Earth isn’t flat and gave them to him and he denied every reason. Caleb and Macey debated this the whole three weeks later but did talk about other stuff. She kind of developed a crush on him by the third day but he didn’t find out until the middle of the second week. On the first week Macey played Oreo and lost and of course the person she lost against told her to ask out Caleb and when she did she said, “Say no this is an Oreo” but he said you have to admit the Earth is flat and when she finally did like two days later Caleb said yesn’t which caused another debate between them. This debate she lost because technically yesn’t is a word. Like in the middle of the second week Macey said to two people in her RC group that they could tell him and when he did he said, “I’m playing frisbee right now” but later on nothing was weird between them. By the weekend of the second dance almost everyone know Macey liked Caleb and everyone wanted her to ask him out, by the night of the last Sunday her RC group convinced her to ask him to TIPprom the next day because if she waited longer he’d be taken. The next day when both of them went outside after lunch they were alone for like five minutes, during that period he accidentally hit her with tree branches that was attached to the tree, Macey lost her chances and didn’t ask him because she was too chicken and Norah asked him later (Norah knew Macey was going to ask him), he said yes. Afterwards almost everyone hated Norah because they all supported Macey and wanted Cacey to happen. At TIPprom Norah and Caleb didn’t even dance but the last slow song before the traditional songs people in her RC group, her and modern medicine TA, and other friends asked him to dance while Macey was standing right there and Caleb turned to her and said do you want to dance or not and they danced. Everyone was watching, we call them a couple because they belong together.

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