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Cameron's RAG 2012 Term 2 A.K.A. Pony Swaggers This was Cameron's ?? year to be an RC. He is by far the best RC at TiP (Not to everyone however). He had snacks, took us to amazing places for RC night such as Cosmic Cantina, Frankies, and Cookout. Our door theme was super heroes and super villains.

Members A.K.A. Ponies

  • Neil - Spray painting was a blast. We managed to win third in the TiP Sync which was really fun. Go MLP!
  • Lee -
  • Scooter - I had fun spray painting shirts for our RC night. My Little Pony!
  • Gant - He is an awesomely crazy guy. MLP FiM!
  • Garrett - 2 words, PONY SWAG!!
  • Sam -
  • John - He's got the Pony Swag. Best Bronie I have ever known.
  • Vinay - Be tacky. Spray painting and TiP Sync was fun! MLP!
  • Phill - He is exciting and energetic! Go Ponies!
  • Jay - Doing the TiP Sync and watching him playing bop-it was fun. Go Ponies!
  • Jared - He is a good storyteller and a good dancer (especially with the booty bat). Go MLP! Surprise Party!
  • Matthew - He is funny and is good at throwing water baloons in the Quadfest. Rainbow Dash!
  • Connor - He is crazy. I had fun spray painting. Go MLP!
  • William - He is hilarious, outgoing, and a great brony. I had fun doing the TiP Sync!
  • Alex - He is most likely to lose The Game. I had fun at TiP Sync and the off-campus RC night. Go MLP!