Cameron Robertson

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Cameron was adored by all the second years at UGA Term 2 as a fourth year. He is epic and has an adorable lisp. <3

Cameron looks so so cute in Emma's polar bear hat <333

Cameron, you have to make it look the way you want it to look.

He is hot

Cameron said "Can I use you as a pillow?" But who was it to????? That's the big question. (Best moment of TIP by far)

Cameron now has one. Have a goodz time

Cameron is a good basketball buddy(:

Cameron is the cutest person ever(: he is soooo sweet. I will miss him at TIP! ): it wont be the same without him. He is incredibly cute and his shoes and hat always match his outfit! I will miss you Cameron ):

Cameron was know to watch cat videos rather than work on his projects his final year at TIP.

Cameron cannot drop a frisbee.

Cameron is amazing. He is like a hidden gem. Everyone loves Cameron.

Cameron gives AMAZZIINNNGGGGG hugs <3

Cameron is super sweet and he made my TIPwiki page and even if I didn't love him for this, he's ridiculously adorable, which is reason enough. (: I LOVE YOU.

Cameron is very hot<33 /I ,[____],

I- -- *-0IIIII0-

()_) ()_)-o-)_)

( . Y . )


Classes taken:

ASU Term II 2008: Ancient Philosophy and Modern Interpretations

ASU Term II 2009: Algebra II

UGA Term II 2010: Cryptography, Codebreaking, and the Science of Spying

UGA Term II 2011: Robotics