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Carina is also known as flower crown girl. she's an amazing musician. Obsesses over Fun. and Jack Antonoff, as well as John Ellis (not really but he put that there). she's basically a model because she is beautiful and extremely funny. She began TIP as a second year at Duke East Term 1 2014. She's from Texas and can play 4 instruments. She also enjoys singing and Her roommate for her second year at Duke East was . They enjoyed staying up late, taking selfless and eating twizzlers 8ogre because roomie is love, roomie is life. She took Bach to Rock for her second year (Duke East) and loved it because music is love, music is lyfe.


Love is speaking in code, its an inside joke, love is coming home- If Work Permits- The Format

Carina is a very beautiful girl and we all love her very much. She is amazing and super talented.