Carly Judenberg

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Carly Judenberg arguably the cutest person ever. She met her best friend Ella as a first year, second year at West. Whom she requested to be roommates with for her second yes at West when she returned as a third year. To her own anguish Ella unfortunately wasn't her roommate, nor was she in her rag. Her roommate however was KeeLeigh Jenkins(Leaky) who was a first year, third year. They resided in HH140 where many things took place. It was the biggest room of the rag, so obviously it became a pre-dance prep room. The first night brought about a new strong tradition for the dynamic duo. It started as Carly offering the new roomie any snack from her collection(which were and selected by Ella's grandparents). After KeeLeigh accepted a snack, Carly offered her a spot on the bed. They began to talk about there day and everything that had taken place. This also was the dawn of a nightly tradition. During one of these munch and talks Carly and KeeLeigh came up its buying a Wubble Bubble at target during their rag night the next day.