Carly Pittman

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East Term 2 2012- Haunted Places

East Term 2 2013- Utopia Dystopia Myopia

Really true facts:

~She contributed to the invention of shoulder cookie

~She put a banana in her pants to scare Ian English on Thug Thursday, with whom she had a super gross relationTiP with her 3rd year.

~She's hella rad and an awesome white girl dancer.

~She invented bananas and is the supreme ruler of uranus

~Savannah "Lilli" Eubank is her lover and best friend 5ever

~She has a below average IQ and above average standardized test scores

~She enjoys the Vermonster (both)

~She taught some how to swing dance, and many how to dance sexually. But not well.

Carly Pittman was well known both years at TiP for her relations with those of the opposite (and sometimes same) sex. Her third year, she had a gross relationship with second year Ian English, while she was living in Basset with the fourth years, which led to much confusion by many. Fourth year she did not have a relationTiP, although there was a substatial ammount of flirtation with a select few. Carly was one of the founding members of the G+ gang, and another crew that were born of the group.