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Carson Wedding was everyone's Hamilton buddy! She is VERY smart and lives to save rhinos. She tries to save rhinos in Africa and all over the world. So far, Carson has saved 121 rhinos. Most known for Hamilton and saving the rhinos. #savetherhinos Look around, look around. How lucky we are to be alive right now! She laughs A LOT and enjoys making fun of relation tips. She was ditched by Ameena for the 3rd dance for Hailey, but in the end she ended up going with both Hailey and Ameena. Who's the winner now? She is also hamitrash and was in Term 1 Trinity Psychology(the best class). Carson Wedding was a member of the infamous "My Immortal Support Group," a fanfiction-reading posse that would come together during their free time in the second floor lounge and listen to the critically-acclaimed fic "My Immortal." Carson wasn't emo enough to get most of the references within the story, but she enjoyed attending meetings anyway. Other notable members of the "My Immortal Support Group" included Kyla, Cassie, Celine, Brenna, Rowan, Aadhya, Ameena, Kennedy, and Amanda.

I don't know Carson that well but we have bonded over the Not Straight. I appreciate this human being as a person. -Andreana