Casey Brand

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Tipster Lyf

Being the oh so fabulous person she is, Casey Brand started her TiP experience at ASU Term 1 2006-2008. She unwillingly went to UGA for her fourth year, but still had fun, nonetheless.

RCzie Lyf

Casey was a fabulous RC at UGA both terms in 2012 and 2013. She is married to Alek Sharma (well, at least at TiP) and is in love with him until the day she dies <3 She is the founder of Calek's Crew. Casey, I love you so much. You've been a fabulous RC and an even better friend. Even though we won't have anymore late night talks in Myers, that won't keep us from talking via video chat. You made my fourth year so memorable and cherishable <3 Thank you.

Casey is arguably the best RC in history! Calek's crew will forever love Mama Case! <3