Cashel O'Connor

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As one of Cash Money's bros, I am honored to be writing a page for him.


Cash's first year at TiP he took the class Dictators, Kings and CEOs: Evolution of Empires. He was in the only second year (Jerica's) RAG in Brown, where all the fourth year boys were staying, so he was livin it up with many notable fourth years including Roberto Delgado, Luke Jeong, and Freedom Scholes, along with RC Tien. His class coined the phrase "Cash is Trash" (which, I don't know why but it just became a catchphrase). During his time at TiP he also got to know a lot of the third years and became friends with his classmates such as Naren Vazrala and Billy Lockhart. By the end of the term it seemed as if he knew everyone at TiP; he was already destined to be part of the history books!


Cash's second year at TiP he took the class Where Great Minds and Big Money Meet. He was in Michelle's RAG on the second floor of Pegram. During this term Cash was in a RelationTIP with his second-year classmate Trinity Thompson. Cash also glowed up quite a bit this year. Cash spent most of his time with his RAGmates from last year, Liam Cohagan and Connor Deagle, along with Joseph Ryan, Asa Pollack, and Trinity (although Sydney, Yaya, and Sarah would sometimes hang out with them too). The conference room meetings were lit, to be honest, they ordered pizza, sushi, McDonalds, you name it and we were playing Rocket League, tossing the football around the room, and streaming the World Cup. Cheerwine and Hot Fries were also traditions. Ah, those days, the memories. Cash and his pals would also stay up all night, at times even past lights out, chillin in the common room, blasting music from the portable speakers and chillin with RC Andrew. Blazemaster Reece Overholt offered him to be a Blazeboy, and he was even on his way to receiving all the relics from the fourth years - but humbly turned these offers down.

At the end of the term Cash followed any remaining fourth years he forgot to during the term on Instagram. And he joked to Nelson, "in my will I will give you all the relics the fourth years passed down to me last year."

Cash you are a god. We will miss you next year!