Catherine McSwirley

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Catherine (aka McSwirley) is an RC at Duke West for 2016 Terms 1 and 2. She is possibly the most whale-y cool person you will ever meet, so her Term 1 RAG decided to dedicate an entire Tip Wiki page to her. (To all Term 2 boys: y'all better live up to these expectations)

Fun Facts

• The nickname McSwirley was given by a fellow RC Michael, because of her similar sounding last name.

• She loves whales more than people

• Wrote an essay -- on Shrek

• Only eats red/pink Starburst

• Is actually an AMAZING artist -- she made an entire portrait during the finger painting evening activity

• Can usually be found busting a sick move at all the dances

• Natural habitat: second floor stairwell


• "No boys until marriage"

• "I'm going to bed at 11:15"

• *purses lips* "Ummmmm......"

• "Guuuuuurrrrrllll......mmmmmmm" *disaproving glare*

• *smiles while curling upper lip instead of responding*

(P.S. Catherine please note that this is all in good fun and we love you to death) Love, Your Pod <3


Catherine McSorley is the only girl to have a guy rag... she loved it more than her 1st term RAG

She enjoys passionate discussions about Elizabeth Warren, toes, and being TiPpropriate

We had a few conversations about how to get away with murder, Dylan and Evan's were the best

Katanya be queen

Catherine and Ryan have four children - Evan, Sanjay/Rahul, Ryan, and Zoe Caramel (Catherine/Michael) - Austin Catherine and Carter - Hayden, Adi, Ben, Ethan Catherine and Jake - Dylan, Luke Catherine and Alexis - Alexis' entire RAG (-Zoe)