Cecilia's Tits

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In 2016 at Duke West term 1, Cecilia Poston confirmed her bra size to be a 34 G, baffling the minds of the surrounding TIPsters. Many TIPsters, boys and girls alike, report that Cecilia's tits have a sizable gravitational force, attracting the eyes of onlookers wherever Cecilia goes. If you are unlucky enough to be caught looking at Cecilia's tits, your eardrums will be shattered by the screech of a thousand menstruating feminists. Legend has it that Cecilia's tits once bounced with such force at a Duke West Term 1 dance that a nearby seismic activity station actually picked up seismic readings. It has also been rumored that her tits are 100% silicone implants, and nothing more than a sham, but even so, young TIPsters continue to pursue those glorious tits.