Cello Pieces

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The Cello Pieces are 2 sections of willow wood that are a relic at West Term One.


owned a Michael Gerlach cello, which he loved to play. He thought that, for TiP, he would bring his cello along with him to Duke West, Term 1 2014. He did so, and played it as often as he could. People loved hearing him play, and requested songs during free time. For the first two weeks, he was completely happy. However, on the 12th day of TiP that year(2 days after his birthday), he had to put his cello down, and run to meet his RAG for dinner. On the way out, his leg caught on his backpack, causing him to trip, falling back, and landing elbow first into the body of his cello. After realizing what happened, Max started sobbing, and one of his RAGmates notified Frank, who, after sending the rest of his RAG to dinner, walked Max down to Romans office, where he stayed for dinner, after having called his parents to tell them what happened. While everyone was participating in TiPial Pursuit, he stayed in his room, curled up in bed. Rumor spread as people realized he wasn't taking part in it. 2 days of inhuman depression followed, as he realized that he couldn't play his instrument. However, he noticed that the sound post, strings, and bridge were still intact. Disregarding the miniature splinters then jabbing into his left leg and arm, he plucked a little bit, and realized that the strings were still in tune! He was overjoyed, albeit staying in his room to play.

Talent Show

For the Talent Show, he was determined not to let his cellos damage stop him from playing. To audition, he brought his cello down in its case, to surprise the RCs who were judging. For the actual audition, he played Hatikvah, the Israeli national anthem. For the actual Talent Show, however, he played a self-created mashup of Iris, American Pie, and Good Riddance. Seeing it as a way to remember his cello, he hid some of the body somewhere in Kilgo Quad, unfound as far as he knows. The other half of the destroyed area, he broke up and brought home for future use(the relics).


In 2015, for his fourth year, he was able to repair his cello, and played it often. Luckily, he didn't break it this year, but was brought to term-wide fame as "The guy who broke his cello" with people(Mostly Elaine, Paul and a few others) screaming "ARE YOU THE GUY WHO BROKE HIS CELLO?!?!" everywhere he went, as well as RCs from the past year remembering what had happened.He had around 8 pieces of his old cello with him, giving a few out to friends and classmates. For the Talent Show, he played Home by Phillip Phillips, for a friend. Later that night, he brought out his remaining 3 cello pieces from the year before, gave one to a preordained 4th year(Frankie Owens), and 2 third years.


Piece I is a slightly rectangular piece from the front of the cello, near the F-hole. it is about 8 inches long. It is currently in the possession of Kenna Ebert, a third year.


Piece II is in the hands of Steph Lund, A third year.

Chain of Possession

I 1. Max Correa 2. Kenna Ebert

II 1. Max Correa 2. Steph Lund

Other recipients of pieces include: