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aka Michael Architecture Davidson 2017 Term 1

super funny TiPster who always messed around with the TA and instructor he began calling himself chAd for no reason that anyone remembers. so he would also say "chAd is rAd" in a particular voice that only people of the architecture class can recreate. The TA and instructor (particularly the instructor) got very annoyed by this so he banned the phrase "chAd is rAd" from the classroom. being the way he was, chAd tried to get around this and would make up other phrases like "im chAdanooga without the anooga".

chAd made a meme account while at TiP his TiPsync consisted of him and his RC group lying on the floor and waving their arms up in a swaying motion to the song from Titanic

NOTE: the mix of capitals and lowercase letters in "chAd is rAd" is not a typo it is pronounced that way