Chad Boatner

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  • The biggest jerk in the world...
  • The loudest person that i think i've ever met...
  • The one person who always has an answer...for everything
  • The only KNOWN TiPster to blatantly root for the campus's rival team (ex. Screaming: "GO GEORGIA TECH!" while at the UGA campus term 1 2009)
  • The best kisser...EVER

Left to right: Aaron, Brandon, Chad, Seth, Dustin

According to definition 2:

Chad, a person that thinks he is best at everything. Including sex.
He thinks he is gods gift to woman, arrogant, a prick, bi-polar, hated and loved.


P.S. No Kaitlin, he doesn't bite.

P.P.S. Two years later and Emily Polur STILL talks to him