Channons rc group

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the best RC and group to ever exist!

Davidson Term I: 2014


Grace - the teller of cow jokes, eater of honey buns, and receiver of many other titles

she drank a total of 20 mello yello bottles from the vending machine in 3 weeks

Sam (Senorito #1)- prone to bursts of strange noises and crying in the middle of the halls.

Kes - the only person that actually liked the cow jokes

Stephanie - good at dissecting rats

Emily - good at hair. Sang a lot.

Becky - super cool. Hyper without mello yello.

Zoey - had a giant stash of candy. Introduced us to uncle jimmy.

Karen - the official drinker of Gatorade

Sarah- starter of the dead baby jokes

Heather - finder of Steve the balloon