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"Have you accepted Chase as your TA and Savior?"

Chase our TA was, obviously, the TA for the UGA Apocalypse in Pop Culture and Literature Term 1. Thought of the most helpful person in existence by the "weird to say the least" class, he was idolized, especially after getting the class a lunch at Summit. Tipsters in the class frequently asked Chase our TA all kinds of questions, concerning everything from his love interest, favorite chips, favorite movie, and career goals. After discovering the latter of those, he was also frequently called Professor Chase our TA. He was also known for wearing horizontal stripes, horizontal stripes, and more horizontal stripes. Legends holds that something is severely wrong, possibly on level of the apocalypse, when Chase our TA wears vertical stripes. One of his most notable features is that he's better than you and your TA. No questions. Hands down.

Chase our TA was known to put up with (most) of the weird crap the Apocalypse class did, including, but not limited to:

  • Drawing pentagrams out of Coke
  • Inconsistent pestering for personal information
  • Jokes about his slight accent and calling soda "pop"
  • Having himself being killed off in a Tipster's shirt story (but it was a good story, so...)
  • Lemon's obsession with Hitler and the defilement of his posterior
  • Antionne and Herman
  • Demonic chanting during NerdQuest
  • Chase our TA chanting during everything
  • Horizontal stripe jokes
  • The Jay Fandom
  • All around worship and dedication

The following is a list of Chase our TA facts. (Apocadypse, now is the time to contribute all our knowledge of Chase our TA.)

  • Hobbies: being awesome/our TA
  • Boyfriend: Jonathan (Nothing is known about Jonathan)
  • Favorite chips: N/A
  • Career goals: Professor
  • SUNGLASSES. (I mean have you seen his Instagram?)
  • Social Security Number: has yet to be found out, but Bailee seems determined to get it
  • Shoe size: 12
  • Height: 5'6"