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God, or as he more commonly known, Chaz Strickland, is the embodiment of everything a Tipster should be. Smart, strong,and brave. Chaz is known for having no weaknesses and being able to control the weather.

Acts of Godliness

During the Amazing Race, Chaz didn't want to do the Hula-Hoop challenge, so he opened up the skies and as soon as we were far enough away from the challenge, he stopped the rain and we got to progress to the next challenge. Choreographing TIPSync 2019. We had no idea what to do, but then Chaz came in (as always) and made a ballet performance that got us 3rd Place.


He was born in the year 1421 when the moons of Neptune and Pluto aligned. He is immortal (obviously) and can choose when his time is up. He does not predict the future, however he can control things here to carry out what he thinks the right future is. His sister, Bella, gives him the possible futures. He has made us mortals aware that he is just as independent as his sister, whom is also immortal. Bella says, "Chaz has most of the power, yet I have more knowledge". She was also born on the same year as Chaz. This current timeline is the best possible timeline according to Bella. She thinks North Carolina is "cool". Chaz is informed of the future and he decides the best possible outcome.

Her Prophecy

One of you has greatness made, One of you is still afraid, One of you has potential, One with courage exponential, As the Sun and Moon are twins that never meet, With hard work this future will be complete...

"I will give you these wings for free right now."

                                      Chaz, Rice T2 2019