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The Glorious People's Republic of Chisrael was the greatest and most powerful nation at TAMU Term 2 2012.

Here are a few stats, brought to you by Nick Pierce, Chisrael's (fully-elected) Glorious Leader!

Population: 540,000,000,000

Land Size: 300,000^10 km

Awesomeness: 9001

Avg. Volunteer Laborer Lifespan: 4 1/2 days

Chisrael originally was a nation that had the size of Russia, the population of China, and the military discipline of Israel, hence the name, Chisrael. Over the course of the term, Chisrael gained quite a following, and the war game that Military Strategy was playing seemed very enticing. Eventually, Chisrael did indeed join the war game, but the TA of that class, Tim, went insane upon reading the order to put Chisrael into the game,and gave himself infinite nukes. He then proceeded to nuke Chisrael, but only minor losses were incurred, a meager twelve billion.

Chisrael is located underground, all across the globe, and the entrances are closely guarded, lest the grasshoppers should escape and destroy the Earth once again. The war grasshoppers and war moles of the Chiraelis are welkl known to have played a part in the destruction of Paris, France, and 2012 was predicted as when the Chisraelis would return to rule the dirty aboveground peasants once again.

The Chisraeli salute is just to make a 'C' with your right hand, and raise it into the air.

Nick Pierce talked about Chisrael so much that Stephen, his RC, actually banned him from saying it more than five times a day.

Officially Chisrael has been passed down to Nate Sumimoto who will lead it next year then pass it down.

In the year 2013, as King Nicholas I reign came to a close, the spirit of chisrael has lived on, but barely, Tim tried to hush up word of it, lest the cult spread, but the word continued on. Nate I's goal is to pass down Chisrael to the next generation, as the memory of its original roots is close to dying out.