Choosing Sides: Debate and Persuasion (ASU)

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Class List

In the course, students studied various methods of persuasion and types of debate. They had to create a commercial for a product, participate in a Policy debate tournament, and be a part of a TiPresident slate. While the students did learn a lot, they also shared jokes and candy provided by Matt. The 2013 Debate and Persuasion Class at Appalachian State consisted of:

  • Claire
  • Pooja
  • Hannah
  • Marty
  • Rita
  • Edwin
  • Jeevun
  • Robert
  • Alex
  • Alisha
  • Harper
  • Jacob
  • Will
  • Leigh-Anna
  • Summer
  • Emily
  • TA: Nathan
  • Instructor: Matt

TiPresident Election

As part of their course students had to join a presidential slate, acting as either a nominee, campaign manager, or campaign assistant. They had to make posters and election paraphernalia, campaign from classroom to classroom, and held a debate in Greer Hall. The debate, which did consist of some personal questions, also covered the candidates' platforms. The platforms included, but were not limited to, increased use of the elevators, a new system for getting to and from classes, and more communication with the TiP faculty. Nearly 200 tipsters and TiP faculty voted. The slates were:

  • President Harper/VP Robert - Summer and Alisha.
  • President Edwin/VP Jeevun - Pooja, Rita, Alex, and Will.
  • President Hannah/ VP Claire - Leigh-Anna, Jacob, Marty, and Emily.

After the votes were tabulated, Edwin was the "Edwinner," who had only nine votes more than Harper. Harper had over sixty votes more than Hannah. In the end it didn't really matter since no changes were officially implemented.

Inside Jokes

Most jokes the Debate and Persuasion class came up with were during playful mock-debates. Since the class was comprised of witty and sometimes immature students, the banter was quite amusing.

  • "Batman lives in a cave." "Well so do I" - took place during a Superman vs. Batman debate
  • "Werewolves are adorable - they're like chihuahuas." - took place during a Werewolves vs. Vampires debate
  • "Better watch out for Thievin' Jeevun" - A reference to Jeevun's pilfering persona in his commercial, which turned into a nickname
  • "My eyes are dreamy to him" - Jacob to Hannah in reference to his intimate relationship with Jeevun
  • ”Take Curious George for example, I mean that guy in the yellow hat is kinda shady” - Harper on why children’s television shows are unhealthy
  • ”Jacob isn’t mean - he’s just indifferent to your soul” - Hannah on Jacob’s insincerity
  • ”I’m more honey badger than Chuck Norris” - Edwin on his personality
  • ”Keep calm and eat generic chocolate lentils” - Matt on the off brand M&M’s sold in the student union