Chris Chen

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Chris Chen is a god among men. He is a genius at everything he touches. As a second year, Chris scored 100 on every one of Dr. Kane's notoriously difficult Macroeconomics tests and quizzes, thus earning 6 pints of delicious Ben and Jerry's ice cream. His compositions in his Bach to Rock class have drawn comparison to Beethoven's symphonies and have been performed worldwide, most notably in Carnegie Hall. In the world of ultimate frisbee, Chris is a legend and arguably the greatest player alive. He can throw a disc from Baldwin steps all the way to Ninth Street. At the weekly dances, Chris has been known to break dance while spinning on his head and freestyle rapping all at once, making other tipsters seem like amateurs. He is currently in a relationTip with every girl on Duke East Campus including the RCs, TAs, and instructors.