Chris Sedlock

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=Chris Sedlock[1]

At Duke West Term 1 2017, Chris managed to make a name for himself among the administrators. Why is that? So many shenanigans.

Multiple RCs attest to the fact that Chris was targeted as a ringleader from the beginning. Due to an initial misunderstanding, Chris also earned himself the fiery hatred of Aleika the RC. Even though he never had even met her. Once. She judged purely based on looks. To her hawks she would often rant about the disrespectful nature of Chris and other third year boys like Campbell and Grant. Fourth years were not spared her scrutiny, with Nicholás also being thrown to the wolves.

Did the administration have the correct impression? Or were they judgemental monsters? The answer is both. So many shenanigans were coorrdinated by Chris that he was frankly probably deserving of his reputation by the end of the term. on the other hand, no one would have cared so much about his shenanigans nor would he really have gotten caught if not for the reputation. It was a vicious circle, but Chris managed to stay pretty apathetic and did just about whatever he wanted nonetheless.

Chris earned himself a title within the first few days of tip. He was clearly a leader, not a follower. Thus, Chris was in a tense spot nearing the end of the term after frequently having somewhat snarky remarks to RCs. We don't really know if they actually happened but someone was rude or the RCs just thought so. I don't even know.

I also don't know who pulled the pin on the fire extinguisher. The world may never know. But Chris decided to squeeze the trigger. As a white cloud settled in the hallway, everyone was walking out of their rooms, coughing and sputtering. RC Chris remarked, "whoever did this is gonna get thrown out." And thus begins the witch hunt.

No one snitched. but with Tim threatening the RAG as a whole, Chris stepped up. He was detained in the office for an exorbitantly long time.

Chris was also linked to a few more shenanigans. The first week, Aleika stumbled upon a Rag blasting Ski mask the slump god’s TAKE A STEP BACK. No one knows what else occurred that night. Also, a multitude of tide pod incidents were linked to Chris and Lukas, leaving tide stemming from the brick walls in the shape of question marks and such. He was known as a finesse god for a reason. He convinced his phone back from Tim after it had been confiscated ( An impossible feat ), and talked his way out of a multitude of situations in the dining hall andl while being questioned, surprisingly kept his cool and a straight face. His screwdriver set came in handy after a stall door was displaced, and fixed a multitude of other issues and sheltering others from punishment and harm. Surprisingly he can come back in 2018. Raise hell next year!!!