Christina Chen

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Christina "Quisteena" Chen is the most amazing, godlike, iconic TA.

She was an RC in Term 1 of 2018, but returned in Term 2 as the TA for Spy 101.

She wore mainly three hats: The Iconic Fedora, The Banana Cats Hat, and a Team Instinct hat.

The fedora is magical and will bless anyone who wears it, even for the briefest of moments, with unparalleled charisma and grace.

Chris Myers is known to switch hats with Christina on occasion.

Notably, she draws long cats, long furbys, flat cats, and creates generally amazing artwork.

Some notable things she has done as a Spy 101 TA is making cryptograms and "forgetting the content", letting us run rampant during Evening Study, and T-posing.

She informed the Rice Term 2 2018 class on spilk, how to tie a thot knot, the sixth floor, and numerous past cults and rites from Term 1.