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Chunjin Park is a TIPster who went to 2015 Trinity Term 2 and 2016 Georgia Tech Term 1. He took Web Application Development and Neuroscience.

Georgia Tech

Bee Incident

On June 24, 2016, Chunjin and his roommate decided to open the window of their room. They were stupid enough to not notice a wasp house right by the window, so two wasps came into the room. Five RCs had to come into the room to kill the wasps. They were successful at killing one of the wasps, but the other one "disappeared." Chunjin and his roommate and suitemate were moved into a different room. Even though they were moved, they still visited the old room occasionally. Those three were probably the only TIPsters who had two rooms.

Napkin Drawings

Chunjin decided to draw a portrait his RC group members and his classmates on napkin papers during meals; he gave the portraits to them after he was finished. Some people liked it, while others were emotionally scarred. (edit: MOST were emotionally scarred.) One of his finest work was a portrait of his instructor, Josh. (For Term 2 kids, ask Josh about the portrait.) In addition to portraits of tipsters, Chunjin also drew pictures of puppies, pictures from the class slide shows, and other drawable things.

Airplane Noises

One day, during class, the Neuroscience instructor, Josh, asked the class to act out neurons' chemical synapse. The group Chunjin was in decided to use an airport as an example. Chunjin was the airplane, and he made a noise that some described as "how dolphins sound like when they're getting shredded into a turbine." The class joked around with the phrase "Air Dolphins." We made air dolphin noises during lectures, on break, and in the elevator. It was iconic. In addition, Josh shared with the class that there is, in fact, an actual airline based in Dubai named Dolphin Air. The class theorized that Dolphin Air's planes were "dolphin-powered" with dolphins in their engines.

Name Changing Incident

For the scavenger hunt, Chunjin and Zach, who are in Andrew's (Dad/Mom) RC group, decided to change their names. From that day on, they decided to switch their names every other day. Eric, another Mom/Dad's RC group member, joined later, which confused more people.


Chunjin had a huge hatred toward buses during TIP. According to him, buses caused "air pollution, size pollution, and – most importantly – pollution pollution." If you look closely at the buses, you might see it emitting pollutions causing pollution pollution.