Church Kids

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Church kids

  • dangerous creatures

How to Approach

Often seen in large groups, Church Kids are easily spotted wearing uniforms or a non-neon-colored lanyard. Watch out for them , they can smell your sins. Approach with caution, but do not show fear or guilt for your sins, unless they are bad sins. Make eye contact to assert dominance. But, do not engage in a fight with them. They most likely have a lawyer and a private yacht to run you over with.


Do NOT INTERACT. First its against camp rules, but those are for you safety because the Church Kids, or Steeple People, are brutal. They will hold hands and chant verses around you if you infiltrate their ranks. They will perch on the dining hall walls reading from their sacred books that hold powerful curses and rituals. If they sense you, they might be in the mood to perform a TIPtanic ritual. IF YOU SEE THEM IN A CIRCLE, RUN. They are most likely preparing to lure an innocent TIPster into their ranks and perform a biblelic ritual. They will expel the TIPster within you and rid you of the awesomeness you had at TIP. Not. Acceptable.


These figures will mot likely be seen taking up whole tables at the dining hall while only having a group of like 5. If you are not protected with a pin-ridden lanyard, the pins hold protection, but you must have more than 15, seek another place to sit. They will dump food into the tray return so stay clear of this bad behavior. Not TIPapporpriate. Sometimes, they will reside near your dormitories. They can be see preaching verses. Do not listen, these will lure you as well unless protected by 15 or more pins on your lanyard. Also, they will be seen climbing the ancient and precious magnolia trees. They have a team of lawyers, you don't. Once, a TIPster yelled at a Church Kid for climbing on the tree, and the church kid replied with, "my parents can afford it, get lost." Also, that TIPster was caught in a ritual later, had no more spirit. Will yell and cheer a lot at meals by the way. Fight for food, they often take all to feed angels and spirits. Or their bible.


As said before, always wear your lanyard. At minimum, it will provide a brief protection because your RC will find you and herd you away. But, if you are too close, not even an RC can save you. Only if you have 15 or more pins on your lanyard, will you be protected by the TIPtanic ritual they might perform. Also, when doing mandatory fun, also known as evening activities, draw a circle and a star to ward off evil, them. Do not fall for their freshly pressed uniforms or smooth looking bibles.

How Long They Stay

Church kids normally stay for a week, at least at WFU. Have a panic-filled, not seats at meals, lots of kids in trees, Bible chants heard throughout the wee hours, week. Do not worry. Have faith in your RC's, hide your fear, and always wear lanyard+pins. Good luck.