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The List of Awesome: A Semi-Cure for TiPression

On the last Sunday of Duke TiP East 2009, a group of 3rd year girls were chilling on the statue quad. Amongst them was a pair of speakers and a few ipods belonging to the girls, and so, as per the usual, they listened to music and chatted away. Later, towels were fetched to sit on, more ipods were snatched from bedrooms, and a sheet of paper was created, entitled The List of Awesome. Each girl shared her favorite music with the group, it was written down on the list, and so it went around the circle. Along came lunch, and no one wanted to leave, so they decided to take advantage of one of the only good things brought about by swine flu: prepackaged meals. Two girls went into the Union with their empty bags and came out with them full of fruit, cookies, pizza, silverware, cake, and various other treats. A picnic on the quad commenced, and the list continued. The circle continued through mandatory fun of Chillin' on the Quad, and at the end of the day, it was promised that the list would be sent to all via facebook. As it followed, upon arriving home, the girls (as well as a few other friends) created a CD circle where they burned CDs for each other and sent them, in a circle, of awesome. Some songs on the CDs were inspired by the picnic, others by the mandatory fun activity Indie Dance Party, and still others by an upcoming music festival that several of the girls are planning on attending together, ACL.

Links to the music sent by them thus far:

More to come as the circle continues!

19:11, 9 August 2009 (UTC)